Efficiency is the core of any successful business. Don’t waste time on things
    that can be done by a robot. TUG is the robot that automates movement of almost anything,
    in almost any environment and without additional infrastructure.

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    Managing your fleet of TUG robots should be an easy task. That’s why you are enabled central fleet management in the patented Cloud Command Center – easy.

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    With wireless integration to building systems, TUG can use elevators, open doors and even respond to building alarms.

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TUGs moves material 595km every week and serves military veterans

AMR is the way forward
Discover the difference between TUG and AGV systems?

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TUG moves your operations
from A to B

The autonomous mobile robot is designed and develop to take care of your intralogistic operations with high reliability and precision, so that you can streamline your production and operations with focus on high value-adding tasks.

TUG T3 and T3XL

Strong and Flexible

With a payload capacity of up to 635 kg, the ability to work with a wide variety of carts using the universal base and mapping your facility digitally instead of with fixed hardware, makes TUGs the most versatile autonomous mobile robots available.

Safe and Reliable

Our TUGs are proven safe around people even in the most challenging of environments and provide reliable service over the course of years – not just months. With its tall front, sensors are mounted in all heights to provide full safety for intelligent passage and human-robot interaction.

TUG is a mature technology

With more than 10 years of market experience, the TUG robot offers stability, scalability and reliability that few – if any – mobile robots can match. Our work with integrators allows TUG to be incorporated in your facility.

24/7/365 Remote and Cloud Monitoring

Every TUG robot, whereever in the world, is monitored in real-time. Algorithms efficiently monitor TUGs 24/7/365 and detect potential problems before they become actual problems. Our Cloud Command Center allows us to provide 97% of our support remotely – you’ll experience world-class support with little, if any, disruption to your operations. A patented industry first from Aethon – detect if a TUG needs support and sends an alert instantly to our Cloud Command Center. Using a secure VPN connection, our support specialists can find a solution even if it means manually driving the TUG momentarily to send it on its way again.